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The Clinic Holland Park was established by a world-leading eye surgeon in partnership with his entrepreneurial wife, and in collaboration with other top-end surgeons and healers. Their model is holistic: to provide the best treatments in aesthetics and wellbeing, all under one roof, in a discreet, stylish environment that is luxe and modern. The Clinic Holland Park is the first aesthetics clinic in London to have the mJoule laser platform, which offers a combination of BBL HERO and Moxi treatments; our treatment rooms and surgeries are fitted with the most innovative and up-to-date technology in the medical aesthetics industry.

We pride ourselves on quality and we make safety our priority. We believe that the aesthetics community should be held accountable for its practice and we adhere to strict health and safety standards, in line with best practice in the NHS.

Like no other, The Clinic Holland Park offers a bespoke aesthetics and wellbeing service that is tailored to every client with care, to ensure you get the deserved, supreme treatment and brilliant, wonderful results.


While on The Clinic Holland Park website, click on the Bookings heading at the top of the screen or mobile menu. You will be taken to a list of practitioners. Each practitioner has a ‘click to book’ next to their name – click on your choice and you will be taken to a patient portal for that practitioner. You will see their name, and details of the dates and times of their next available appointments on the screen. Select the date and time that you want, and you will be prompted to click on the green button, labelled ‘Proceed to Confirmation’. Please be aware that a deposit of £100 must be paid to secure the booking. The ‘Proceed to Confirmation’ button takes you to secure payment, followed by confirmation of your appointment.

Your online patient portal will then be created, through which you can submit your online consent to consultation and treatment, prior to your appointment. The Clinic will also be emailing your pre-appointment documentation via your patient portal – don’t worry, it is easy to use, and you will be taken back to your email account once your documents have been submitted successfully.

However, if booking online is not possible, please telephone The Clinic Holland Park on (+44)203 998 2600 and we will be happy to help.

Your initial consultation will last for approximately half an hour, and involves a detailed, face-to-face discussion with your clinician about the right treatment for you. We will discuss your medical history and ensure that the treatment is safe for you. With your consent, we take pre-treatment photographs and use these for our own records and for insurance purposes only. We will not use your photographs for marketing purposes unless you have specifically consented to this.

In consultations for aesthetic treatments (including eyelash enhancement), we use Visia® Complexion Analysis as a diagnostic tool. Visia is a piece of cutting-edge skincare technology, where your face is photographed on all sides to create a 3-D computerised image of the skin’s surface, which can be viewed from every angle. Visia produces a multi-zone analysis that identifies all your skincare problems, providing a remarkable output of information about your skin’s condition and any areas of specific damage; often identifying issues that are not obvious to the naked eye. Instantly, objectively, and in detail, Visia assesses: spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red spots, and porphyrins (sun damage and inflammation). Each of these facial analyses is scored in percentage form: the lower the percentage, the greater the skin damage. Visia even identifies subsurface skin conditions; and calculates the ‘age’ of your skin (termed TruSkin Age) by comparing your results with its skin database, to date your skin in relation to others of the same age and skin type. Clients are provided with a print-out of their Visia facial analysis, listing results and recommendations for all potential treatments. A Visia skincare analysis might therefore advise aesthetic treatments that you might not have even considered, albeit that there is no onus on you to agree to all or any of these recommendations.

After any treatment, your Visia 3-D skin profile will be updated with new images at follow-up or at future appointments for more treatments. Therefore, your results can be accurately assessed regarding any skincare feature or issue, comparing your image at initial consultation with each stage of your consequent treatment programme. That way, Visia tracks your progress and maintains a meticulous record of how well your skin is responding to treatment.

If you have undergone a cosmetic procedure involving injectables (dermal filler, for example), The Clinic will contact you by text or email on Day 1 and Day 14 after treatment to check on your recovery. Often there is no need for a face-to-face follow-up; but follow-up appointments are available at The Clinic to assess the success of ongoing treatment and discuss any other aesthetic treatments you wish to consider.

If you have undergone an aesthetic procedure on your face, your 3-D image will be recaptured in Visia to compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’.

We offer consultations with our clinicians prior to any procedure, where we will discuss the best treatment options for you and how best to achieve your desired aesthetic goals. We aim to give an enhanced but natural result by working in partnership with you.


  • Consultation £100

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In a Hurry?

Leave your contact details below, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP