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  • Initial Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation £230
  • Setting the Lifestyle Programme £230
  • Follow up Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation £250

Recipe for Life

This programme is not just about losing weight, it is designed to show you how to live a healthy life – always and forever. You will be motivated to make long-term lifestyle changes relating to food intake and energy output, which in turn gives you a more balanced life.

A Recipe for Life is the successful Wellbeing and Lifestyle programme that helps to create a more informed, healthy lifestyle. This is an ongoing lifestyle programme designed to suit children, whole families, and anyone wishing to live a healthy energetic lifestyle that prevents ill health.

The Idea Behind It
Not everyone knows how to live a healthy life. It’s not obvious to everyone that fresh food is preferable to processed food, for example. The idea behind A Recipe for Life is based on education and bringing a much better awareness to a person wanting to feel secure that they are doing everything they can to prevent ill health.

How it Works
Clients sign up to A Recipe for Life with their personal profile, i.e., original weight, medical issues, style of eating and exercising at present, using a 7-day diary that the client produces. This is analysed and discussed. This follows with a customised wellbeing and lifestyle programme to embark upon.

The client is seen at The Clinic every week.

Recipe for Health

Have you been unwell of late? Or suffering from a chronic condition and left wondering how to help the healing process with the right dietary intake and the right amount of exercise? This programme is customised to suit all ages and stages of ill health to help you do just that.

A Recipe for Health is the successful New Lifestyle plan that helps clients to create a more informed, healthy lifestyle following an unhealthy history. For example, if there is a risk of heart disease in the family, or if the person has just got over a life-threatening condition like cancer, obesity, diabetes type 2 etc., and needs to make big changes to their current lifestyle to avoid further complications.

The Idea Behind It
It is especially important to stay healthy following illness. Some people are blighted by continuous colds, lack of energy, unhealthy skin; gut and digestive problems like IBS, constipation, and a general lack of satisfaction in the gut. Worse than this they may have experienced cancer, heart disease or diabetes type 2, all of which are mostly preventable by changing one’s lifestyle.

A Recipe for Health completely changes a person’s daily life behaviour by turning it on its head to avoid further ill health.

How it Works
Clients sign up to A Recipe for Health with their personal profile, i.e., medical issues and current lifestyle. We use a 7-day lifestyle diary that the client produces. This is analysed and discussed. This follows with a customised wellbeing and lifestyle programme to embark upon, with emphasis on prevention of any conditions previously suffered by the client.

The client is seen at The Clinic every week.

The B

The B is a 6-week Wellbeing and Lifestyle programme that initially encourages you to lose weight, and then teaches you how to successfully maintain your new weight. It motivates you to exercise and gives you the tools to remain in control of your life always!

The successful weight loss and lifestyle change programme was created by Yvonne Wake and has helped clients of all ages to achieve their weight loss and increase health goals for over 30 years.

The Idea Behind It
A lifestyle programme that creates balance based on intelligent eating and an introduction to physical exercise. It goes back to basics on cooking styles, buying and eating fresh food, and focuses on being realistic about what can be achieved in a busy life. The behaviour change that occurs at the end of a 6-week period is astounding.

How it Works
Clients sign up to The B with a thorough personal profile, i.e., original weight, medical issues, style of eating at present etc., after which a personalised diet and exercise plan – that fits in with their own life pattern – is devised to incorporate all the necessary healthy changes that need to occur over the following six weeks.

The client is seen at The Clinic every week.

Cosmetic Surgery Diet – entails a minimum of two sessions with Yvonne Wake

Yvonne believes that cosmetic surgery is a significant investment of time and money, but that there is no point in spending substantial funds on a procedure if one isn’t taking care of their skin by making sure that the body receives the correct nutrients through the best dietary intake, and by improving on sleeping patterns, which all make a difference to the healing and the final outcome.

Yvonne has therefore devised the Cosmetic Surgery Diet to ensure clients are in the best possible health and in tip-top condition to undergo a procedure, sail through the recovery period, and maintain the beautiful results for always.

This entails two consultations with the client. The first would be a month before the procedure to prepare the groundwork — making sure that detoxing takes place, and the uptake of healing antioxidants takes place, getting the maximum protection for the immunity, strength, and complete wellness of the client. The healing of any procedure should be taken seriously too, and this is one important way of securing the best outcome.

Yvonne will devise individual programmes for each person. The consultations will include looking at past and current medical profiles to get the bigger picture. Diets will be devised to fit in with the client’s current lifestyle.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle appointments

With Yvonne’s help, her clients will be able to make choices about what they should eat for weight management, gut health, diabetes type 2 prevention, pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy, etc.

A weight-loss programme can be customised for each client. Yvonne will provide clients with steps that are easy, realistic and attainable.

Losing or gaining weight can make a significant difference to a person’s life, and Yvonne takes the holistic approach to giving clients the right tools to make the necessary changes. To modify weight and improve general health, such as conditions like diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, high blood pressure; or simply wanting to change to vegan, vegetarian or a plant-based diet.

Hormone and Menopause

Consultations are available with Dr Jag Acharya.

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