Ectropion [ek-troh-pee-uhn] can happen in one or both eyes, and can be an uncomfortable condition, where the lower eyelid droops down and turns away from the eye. This exposes the surface of the inner eyelid and makes it prone to infection; the drooping eyelid can become sore, red and infected; or the eye might water excessively or feel gritty and dry.

Surgery to correct ectropion can be performed under local anaesthetic at The Clinic Holland Park, and takes approximately 45 minutes per eye. After the procedure, a protective pad will be placed on your eye, which needs to stay in place for the rest of the day. You will also be given a course of antibiotic drops to apply to the area to reduce inflammation and help prevent any infection. A follow-up appointment usually takes place within 2 weeks, at which Mr Scawn checks on your results and recovery.

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