Hair Restoration Specialist, Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Loss Specialist

Sofia Baig is a training Trichologist and renowned Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Loss Specialist. She offers a discreet, confidential service in hair restoration as well as unparalleled, natural-looking results. Sofia can show people how to look after their hair and maintain scalp health; and treats hair loss (often caused by COVID-19 and stress). Sofia’s innovative, results-driven treatments offer up alternative hair-loss solutions that really work.

With over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, Sofia was first trained in hair restoration in the UK and then went on to advance her skills and knowledge in the US. Sofia trained at Gerow Hair Ink in New York – pioneers in Scalp Micropigmentation – where she learnt the most up-to-date techniques and how to mix pure pigments to replicate the look of natural hair. Micropigmentation is an illusion; an extremely effective illusion that can make thinning hair or sparse partings look denser and healthy; and can even recreate hairlines.

The pigments used in Scalp Micropigmentation are organic, cruelty-free, and especially made for the scalp. The needles and machine Sofia uses are also designed specifically for Scalp Micropigmentation. Sofia’s training at Gerow Hair Ink elevated her skillset considerably – hair-loss treatments are much more mainstream in the US, and Sofia herself is now an accredited trainer of Scalp Micropigmentation in the UK. Sofia has an amazing eye for detail and is expert in providing the most effective, bespoke service to each of her private clients – matching not only a client’s hair colour, but also the unique direction of follicle growth on each client; the results are incredibly effective at creating an illusion of density. Sofia is passionate about her work and totally results-driven, combining cutting-edge 3-D microdot pigmentation techniques with the latest innovations in growth factor technology.

Sofia is also expert in Scalp Microneedling for hair rejuvenation; and in 2022, Sofia advanced her practice by incorporating topical products from SkinGenuity into her Microneedling treatments. These products contain recombinant growth factor and inter-cell messenger technologies, and provide further support to Sofia’s clients (from both in-clinic treatments and the products they take home to use every day) in rectifying issues of hair thinning and hair loss.

Sofia also holds a position as a training resident Trichologist with Monpure London – a multi award-winning scalp and hair health brand.

Sofia’s hair loss treatments are customised to each client’s specific needs and are focused on achieving the client’s desired results. Her treatments would benefit anyone who is experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, surgical scarring, alopecia; or anyone who wishes to achieve a denser look to their hair. The results are life-changing.


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