Mole Checks & Skin Assessments for Skin Cancer

Mole and Skin checks at The Clinic Holland Park, West London.

Full skin checks and mole assessment are essential components of maintaining healthy skin and detecting any signs of potential skin conditions, including skin cancer.

Regular full skin checks are essential for the early detection and treatment of skin cancer, including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma.

Skin Checks West London

By undergoing regular full skin checks at The Clinic Holland Park, West London, you can help ensure that any suspicious lesions or moles are identified and addressed promptly. A dermatoscope is used to assess skin lesions. Dr Trokoudes will advise you on self monitoring your skin and sun protection.


A full skin check (aka a full-body skin examination) at The Clinic Holland Park, West London, is a thorough examination of your skin to identify any abnormal growths, suspicious lesions, or other skin conditions that may require further evaluation or treatment. During the examination, special attention will be paid to any moles or lesions on your skin – the size, shape, colour and border of each mole will be evaluated, to assess whether any moles exhibit features suggestive of skin cancer (such as asymmetry, irregular borders, uneven colouration, or changes in size or shape that have occurred over time). For this examination, Dr Trokoudes will use a dermatoscope to view any marks, moles or lesions on your skin that may need attention. A dermatoscope is a specialist magnifying camera tool, used by dermatologists to gain a view of subsurface skin structures in the epidermis that are not visible to the naked eye.

You will also be asked about your medical history, including any previous skin conditions, family history of skin cancer, sun-exposure habits, and any changes in your skin that you have noticed. Dr Trokoudes may take photographs of any suspicious moles or lesions for documentation and comparison during future visits. Based on her findings, Dr Trokoudes will make recommendations for further evaluation or treatment if necessary, which may include biopsy of suspicious lesions, removal of abnormal moles, or regular monitoring of certain moles for changes over time.

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