TrichoTest™ by Fagron

for the treatment of hair loss

A simple, non-invasive TrichoTest™ at The Clinic Holland Park, West London, can generate a fully personalised genetic report on your hair loss; and is a once-in-a-lifetime test (after all, your genetic results do not change). All that is required for a TrichoTest™ is a swab of your saliva and a review of your medical history. Yet your report will not only reveal your genetic characteristics, but also your probabilities of success with the range of hair-rejuvenation treatments currently available. A personalised, results-driven prescription can therefore be developed for each patient, which manages expectations realistically, even before any restorative treatment begins.

TrichoTest™ Package

Here at The Clinic Holland Park, West London, we offer a TrichoTest™ package that includes your initial consultation and genetic testing, and your follow-up appointment to discuss your report findings and our recommendations for treatment.

  • TrichoTest™ by Fagron £350


A TrichoTest™ analyses both genetic and extrinsic factors (patient history) to provide patients with a full understanding about the underlying reasons for their hair loss. It is the most comprehensive genetic test for hair loss available, because hair loss is a complex condition that should be addressed holistically, taking into consideration not only a patient’s genetic profile, but their medical history too.

A TrichoTest™ is suitable for:

  • Everyone who wants to understand how their genetics affect treatment for hair loss
  • Patients with family history of hair loss
  • Men and women who have tried different treatments for hair loss with little or no success.

A TrichoTest™ is fully confidential: your TrichoTest™ results are only shared with your practitioner through the Fagron Genomics online platform.

A detailed report on your genetic data will be produced, which can be used to determine the most suitable treatment options for your hair loss. This report is fully personalised to your needs.

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