Private GP West London

  • Private GP Consultation (30 minutes) £200
  • Health Screening (90 minutes, blood costs not included) £300

Private COVID-19 testing, West London

Current infection tests - PCR Swab Test, includes fit to fly and certificate service:

Current infection tests - Lateral Flow Test:

Rapid testing allows accurate and cost-effective results within minutes, meaning that both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases can be detected quickly and efficiently. Using a saliva/nasopharyngeal sample, the COVID-19 Antigen Test detects COVID-19 antigen in 15 minutes.

Previous Covid-19 infection antibody tests

These tests are best performed after 21 days of illness. Includes pre-test GP consultation. Please note that this test is not suitable for active infection.

Private GP Membership Services

Complete wellness, without compromise

At The Clinic Holland Park, West London, your health and wellbeing are our priority. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge in modern holistic healthcare, leading the way with medical innovations and wellbeing therapies that offer unbelievable results. Our mission is to have you looking and feeling your best self.

Dr Jag Acharya, our resident Private GP at The Clinic Holland Park, West London provides bespoke Private GP Services on subscription. With a Private GP subscription for The Clinic Holland Park, West London, you are guaranteed high quality, unreserved expertise and outstanding patient service; alongside the peace of mind of having continuity of care with Dr Acharya, and privileged access to medical advice whenever you need it. We have all your health and wellbeing needs covered.

  • Individual Membership (per month) £70
  • Couple’s Membership (per month) £110
  • Family Membership available for each child (under 18) (per month) £50

    (Please note that Dr Acharya cannot see patients under 18 at The Clinic Holland Park. Dr Acharya can see them at her Biome clinic in Fulham, or virtually by video or telephone.)

What’s included in the monthly Private GP membership at The Clinic Holland Park, West London?

Wait: there’s more. With a monthly Private GP subscription at The Clinic Holland Park, you enjoy additional perks too: 10% off other GP-led health packages; 10% off our retail; and 5% off other treatments (and yes – that includes all surgery and aesthetics, along with beauty facials, massage and lash treatments).

Dr Acharya has a wealth of experience as a Private GP for London’s elite (she ran the GP services for Buckingham Palace, and now has her own clinic – The Biome – in Fulham), and a professional network of medical specialists of the highest calibre. Alongside her ‘traditional’ medical expertise as a Private GP, Dr Acharya is active in hormone innovations, functional medicine, and fertility treatments; as well as a proponent of new, alternative approaches to wellbeing. Become a member and enjoy the best quality GP services as well as superb patient care; you could not be in safer, more reliable hands. Dr Acharya’s medical expertise and commitment to professional excellence ensure a first-class GP service under her care that is as reassuring as it is results-driven.

Unable to get to The Clinic for an appointment with Dr Acharya? No problem! Dr Acharya offers a unique and individualised GP service via video or telephone whenever you need it most.

Your journey to health fulfilment starts here. With our vast experience and connections with the top experts in their fields, no stone is left unturned with our 360-approach to wellness and longevity.

Private GP Membership at The Clinic Holland Park – this is individualised healthcare.

Additional benefits of Membership:

With Private GP membership at The Clinic Holland Park, all our GP-led health packages are available at a 10% discount

A comprehensive health screen, every year, is a crucial part of your ongoing care, to identify areas in your health that are working very well, and others that may need careful adjustment.

The Annual Health Screen at The Clinic Holland Park is a 360-degree assessment of core function, based on an analysis of objective tests. Lifestyle, family history, exercise and stress management are important aspects of this review. Careful history, together with examination, assessment and laboratory investigations, enable us to collate very specific data on your current health, which is discussed at your review appointment.

What tests are included in the Annual Health Screen at The Clinic Holland Park?

  • Urine screening
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Lung function breathing test
  • Screening blood tests*
  • Vision and hearing assessment
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Mental health and stress assessment
  • Cervical and Breast and Prostate examinations
  • Chronic disease prevention and management
  • Sleep mindfulness and management

*Please note all testing sent to the lab is charged separately and NOT included in Membership.

A comprehensive assessment using personalised testing and management to optimise your fertility. This service is both discrete and highly sensitive towards each and every woman.

At The Clinic Holland Park, we understand that everyone conceives differently; so we work closely with the very best specialists, acupuncturists and nutritionists.

First-class care throughout your entire pregnancy and maternity, specific to your particular needs.

Every woman’s health is individual and every woman deserves a specialist, individualised approach to her wellness journey. A woman’s unique requirements are carefully considered in our personalised women’s wellness plan – to help women at every stage of their lives.

What’s included in the Women’s Health package at The Clinic Holland Park?

  • Women’s health check: offered to all female members to ensure they stay on top of health concerns. This is an age-specific review and includes blood testing* and a review of medication.
  • Gynaecology screen: cervical smear and breast checks.
  • Hormone health: blood tests* to review all aspects of hormones affecting a woman’s body. Includes contraception, and the prescription and review of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • Bone health: vital for every woman’s longevity and strength. We aim to maximise optimal bone support to minimise morbidity associated with age-related changes and susceptibilities (such as fractures).

*Additional charges apply.

Men deserve special treatment and care.  Our Private GP Men’s Health package has a detailed wellness plan, which includes tailor-made information and unique guidance for every man, to help them at every stage of their lives.

What’s included in the Men’s Health package at The Clinic Holland Park?

  • Men’s health check: offered to all male members to ensure they stay on top of health concerns. This is an age-specific review and includes blood testing* and a review of current medication.
  • Prostate check: offered to men with specific symptoms and/or family history.
  • Hormone health: includes testosterone testing*. Testosterone levels decline naturally with age, and are intrinsically involved with sexual function, bone density, and sports performance health.

*Additional charges apply.

Functional medicine is the unique focus on the disease management of chronic conditions. Where conventional medicine may not have given you symptom relief, we can provide alternative options. We undertake an individualised and non-conventional assessment, using unique parameters in the form of:

  • Genetic testing
  • Gut health
  • Chronic health issues
  • Treatment of mental health and stress-related sickness.

This bespoke, functional assessment considers each patient from a whole-body perspective, not from just a single symptom. We will review your previous test results and medical records, and perform symptom-specific testing to create a highly unique profile.

Based on this analysis, we will work with you to formulate a wellness road map that identifies and addresses the root cause of your current issues. Most importantly, we will help you to understand the reasons behind the way that your body currently functions and what measures you can take to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Initial Functional Medicine Assessment (60 mins)

This initial session involves an in-depth, unique analysis of your medical, nutritional and lifestyle history, in order to perform symptom-specific testing and create a highly personalised profile and a bespoke management plan.

Functional Medicine Session (30 mins)

After initial assessment, we will review the results of your lab tests. This will be followed by tailored recommendations to meet your needs and goals.

What issues are addressed in Functional Medicine?


  • Executive health
  • Prioritise your health
  • Optimal performance
  • Resilience
  • Healthy longevity
  • Cognitive ability
  • Fatigue and low energy issues
  • Live longer, age better
  • Gastro-intestinal optimisation: healthy gut, healthy you
  • Hormonal dysfunction and hormone harmonising
  • Skin health and healing your skin from within
  • Fitness and wellbeing
  • Helping you reach your goals

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