The WaveLift™

at The Clinic Holland Park

by Dr Jenny Doyle, Key Opinion Leader for Sofwave™ and Key Opinion Leader for Ameela®

Introducing The WaveLift™, exclusive to The Clinic Holland Park, created by Dr Jenny Doyle. The WaveLift™ is a combination procedure of 2 gold-standard aesthetic treatments – for a regenerative facelift that is natural-looking, and without any surgery or downtime!

How does The WaveLift™ work?

The WaveLift™ at The Clinic Holland Park, West London involves a combination of two non-surgical aesthetic treatments: Sofwave™ and Ameela®. Both Sofwave™ and Ameela® are innovative products that actually stimulate the fresh production of healthy skin. This is next-generation skincare that both rejuvenates and prejuvenates. Moreover, The WaveLift™ is safe for all skin types and ethnicities (Fitzpatrick I-VI).

Sofwave™ is a remarkably effective skin-tightening and lifting ultrasound treatment that tackles sagging skin all over the face and neck – a brow lift, mid-face lift, jawline and neck lift, all in one session. Sofwave™ is unique in that most clients only need one treatment (unlike competitors like Ultherapy, which require multiple sessions); and while some lift will be evident immediately after your WaveLift™, true results emerge in 2-3 months. You will see a natural-looking rejuvenescence of your face that will look both healthy and fabulous – when the Sofwave™ lifting and tightening is further complemented by the regenerative effects of Ameela®. A huge recommendation for The WaveLift™ is its impressive results on the signs of ageing in the delicate eye area. And then there is the safety of Sofwave™ compared with other ultrasound devices (where there is the risk of fat contraction – causing laxity rather than firmness in some cases). Sofwave™ is FDA approved for skin lifting and tightening, as well as for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

A non-surgical facelift that also treats the eye area? And no downtime?

Yes! Another USP about Sofwave™ is that it can be used safely in the periorbital area. Dr Jenny Doyle is a highly trained oculoplastic surgeon as well as a key opinion leader (industry expert) for both Sofwave™ and Ameela®. And for eye treatments, Dr Doyle’s WaveLift™ is a real game-changer, becoming a top combination treatment amongst all of the aesthetic specialists at the clinic (Jenny, Amelia, and Aoife), the Wavelift™ packs some punch in terms of a collagen boost.

On its own, Sofwave™ can provide 5mm of lift in the upper eye and brow area; while Ameela® as a tear-trough treatment outperforms all other injectables on the market. Traditionally, injectables in the tear-trough area are notoriously risky – with the possibility of the undereye area looking puffed out or even misshapen – the dreaded ‘kidney-bean’ look. This does not happen with Ameela®: skin will be brightened and wrinkles plumped, and all without the ‘frozen’ or overfilled look of other (traditional) injectables. Because Ameela® does not ‘set’ like a traditional dermal filler. Ameela® is a skin revitaliser (aka skin booster) that invigorates the production of fibroblast cells, which make collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin – the main components of healthy, bouncy skin. In the eye area, Ameela® can treat hollow eyes, discolouration, dark circles, crow’s feet, and significantly brighten and improve skin texture.

So, what makes Ameela a perfect pairing for Sofwave?

Ameela® is similar to skin-boosters such as Profhilo® in that super-charged skincare is being injected into the skin without any change of shape or movement to the face. But Ameela® also has regenerative, healing qualities that go far beyond all other skin boosters currently on the market. Ameela® is both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, and originated as a treatment in regenerative medicine, and for inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Ameela® actually works to track down and root out free radicals in the skin, protecting skin tissue from further oxidative stress and defying the known ageing effects of free-radicals. In an aesthetic context, Ameela® – a polynucleotides treatment – works to reawaken your skin to make it act younger, repair signs of ageing, and prevent further signs of ageing too.

In short: The WaveLift™ harnesses the incredible results of Sofwave™s non-surgical lifting with the rejuvenating powers of Ameela® – a new-age polynucleotide that even out-performs Profhilo in the eye area; not to mention Ameela®s suitability for treating smokers’ lines around the lips too. In fact, Ameela® is suitable for anywhere: all over the face, neck and décolletage, as well as around the eyes and lips, for the treatment of lacklustre, crinkly skin, crepiness, lines and wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation. So, for lifting, rejuvenation and regeneration of your skin, The WaveLift™ offers unbeatable aesthetic results.

The WaveLift™ is safe for all skin types and ethnicities (Fitzpatrick I-VI). Ameela® is derived from salmon DNA, so it is not a suitable for anyone with a fish allergy.


Prices from £2,500 (for a Sofwave™ browlift and Ameela® eye treatments)

For further information, see: Sofwave™ and Ameela®.

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