The Clinic Holland Park’s Ameela® Polynucleotide Treatments for Age-Defying Skin

Welcome to The Clinic Holland Park, West London, where our unwavering commitment to excellence in aesthetics is exemplified by our introduction of Ameela®: an advanced polynucleotide treatment. Ameela® is renowned for its outstanding efficacy in addressing lines, wrinkles, and anti-ageing concerns, so we are thrilled to offer this innovative solution for skin-firming and tightening.

Our team of fully qualified surgeons, led by Dr Jennifer Doyle, are all highly experienced in the world of medical aesthetics. Our beautiful treatment rooms incorporate the very latest products and equipment, and have been specifically designed to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations; but we believe the real value in what we do comes from our desire to help you achieve a natural look and feel amazing.

Understanding the Science of Polynucleotides

Polynucleotides, the fundamental building blocks of DNA, possess remarkable healing and regenerative qualities. Our Ameela® treatments harness these properties by utilising polynucleotides derived from salmon DNA – which are known for their hydrating and tissue-regenerating capabilities and are perfectly compatible with human skin.

Ameela®: Precision-Engineered for Age-Defying Results

Ameela®’s formula is meticulously designed to target rejuvenation at the cellular level, significantly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our clients have reported noticeable improvements in skin firmness and texture.

Tailored Treatments for Every Skin Need

Ameela® Eyes: Specifically designed to address under-eye concerns.

Ameela® Face: A comprehensive approach to revitalising facial skin.

Ameela® Rejuvenation: An all-encompassing treatment for the face, neck, and décolletage, aimed at enhancing skin elasticity and reducing the signs of ageing.

Why Choose The Clinic Holland Park for Ameela® Treatments?

Dr Jennifer Doyle is the head trainer and key opinion leader for Ameela®, making The Clinic Holland Park the premier destination in West London for this rejuvenating treatment. All our aesthetics treatments are consultant-led, so our team of experts ensures that every Ameela® treatment is safe, effective, and tailored to individual needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities reflect our commitment to first-class quality and client care.

Safety and Expertise in Every Procedure

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our treatments are performed by highly qualified surgeons who adhere to the strictest safety standards. We are proud to maintain a commitment to top-tier cosmetic services.

The Ameela® Experience at The Clinic Holland Park, West London

Personalised Consultation: Receive customised treatment plans from our aesthetic experts.

Advanced Techniques: Benefit from minimally invasive procedures for optimal comfort and quick recovery.

Dedicated Aftercare: Comprehensive support and follow-up care is available for every client.

Join the Ameela® Revolution

Discover the transformative effects of Ameela® at The Clinic Holland Park. Schedule your consultation today and explore how our anti-ageing treatments can rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. We offer Ameela® as a standalone treatment, or as a transformative component of ground-breaking treatments we have devised that are exclusive to The Clinic Holland Park:

For more information, please visit Ameela®’s dedicated pages on the incredible powers of polynucleotides at We would be delighted to welcome you to The Clinic Holland Park for your Ameela® journey.


Using a needle or cannula, Ameela® is injected into the skin. There is mild discomfort during the treatment, and (as with all injectables) a potential for swelling or bruising in the injected areas, which will have dissipated within 72 hours. A visible lifting effect will occur within the first hour of treatment, and further positive results will be discernible within 1 week of the first treatment.

For Ameela®, we usually advise a treatment programme of 2 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart, with a review at 6 to 8 months after treatment.

Ameela Pricing
Single Treatment
2 Treatments
Tear Trough
Elsewhere on Face
Full Ameela® Facial (3 Syringes)

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