The Menopause Therapy

A modern, holistic approach to menopause that treats your inner and outer wellbeing. Exclusively at The Clinic Holland Park

The Menopause Therapy is a collaborative service that selects the best our experts have to offer in therapeutic innovation to help you not just cope with menopause, but take back control of how you look and how you feel. These treatments work together, and showcase the crossover, super-clinic ethos at the heart of The Clinic Holland Park.

Your health, your wellbeing, your lifestyle, your self-esteem – your everything. You will have a full consultation with a private GP who is expert both in women’s health and in hormone therapy – a lot of the changes that occur during perimenopause and menopause are due to hormonal changes that affect your collagen production, and which cause new skincare issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and even acne.

The Menopause Therapy care package at The Clinic Holland Park delivers the following interventions:

  1. Hormone consultation with Dr Jag Acharya, including blood tests and a second, follow-up consultation to review results approximately 1 week later
  2. Visia skin analysis and an aesthetic treatment with Dr Jenny Doyle that is tailored to individual need (an initial treatment is included in the package; if a course or range of treatments are recommended, we will discount further treatments by 10%)
  3. Nutritional consultation with Yvonne Wake that will focus on her signature Menopause Diet plan (Yvonne’s Menopause Diet is included in the package; if you require further tweaks to your diet and more focused nutritional and lifestyle support, we will discount a second session by 10%)
  4. Dr Levy’s The Menopause Stem Cell Home Cure set, exclusively from The Clinic Holland Park. This bespoke skincare regime works to reverse skin-thinning, highly nourish drier skin, and prevent age-related issues like pigmentation. For your face, eyes, neck, décolleté and hands, The Menopause Stem Cell Home Cure includes:
    • Dr Levy cell-renewing 3Deep Cleanser (150ml);
    • Dr Levy’s new MicroSkin derma roller for deeper correction (to be used no more than 3 times a week);
    • Dr Levy Eye Booster (7ml), to deliver immediate action for undereye sagging;
    • Dr Levy Booster Serum (30ml) and Dr Levy Ultra-hydrating Enriched Booster Cream (50ml), which both deeply revitalise stem cells and reverse stem-cell ageing; and
    • Dr Levy Pollution Shield 5PF (30ml), which erases skin-crepiness and leaves you with a matte, silky-soft complexion (ready for makeup).

Dr Levy’s The Menopause Stem Cell Home Cure is exclusive to The Clinic Holland Park and not available anywhere else; it is also the best value Dr Levy collection on the market, specially curated for menopausal skin issues. Swiss-made Dr Levy skincare is based on Nobel-Prize-winning research, and is the world’s first skincare range proved to stimulate the very source of collagen: dermal stem cells. Stem cells are like time machines; they can safely regain their youthful powers if they are correctly, and vigorously, reactivated. Dr Levy’s skincare laboratories have developed ArganCellActiv® – extracted from argan-tree-root stem cells, which delivers the optimal stimulation of stem cell regeneration in your skin at the maximum penetration. All Dr Levy products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free; they contain 0% parabens, mineral oils and allergens.

Treatment Prices

Menopause Therapy Add-ons at preferential rates:

  • Need more nutritional and lifestyle guidance? At a 10% discount, you have the option to undergo further blood tests specific to nutritional analysis (Vitamins B12 and D, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc) and have a second session with Yvonne Wake that will address your own lifestyle and dietary needs in meticulous detail.
  • Want more aesthetic treatments? If we recommend a course of treatments or a range of procedures at your initial Visia consultation, we will discount further treatments by 10%.

No matter at what point of the menopause journey you find yourself, now is the time to invest in self-care and self-awareness. For more than a lifetime, you have devoted your magnanimous self to caring for and nurturing the ones you love. Now it is your turn – allow yourself the inner and outer glow that you deserve. Our fresh approach to menopause is more than a makeover in mindfulness – The Menopause Therapy at The Clinic Holland Park promises nothing less than comeback magic. We’ve got this.

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