Skin Regenesis™

Created by Dr Jenny Doyle, Key Opinion Leader for Sciton® Lasers and Key Opinion Leader and Head Trainer for Ameela®

Introducing Skin Regenesis™, a treatment exclusive to The Clinic Holland Park, West London and created by Dr Jenny Doyle. Skin Regenesis™ is a combination procedure of 2 gold-standard aesthetic treatments – Sciton® laser therapy coupled with Ameela® polynucleotide injectables – for regenerative skin-resurfacing that is natural-looking, and without any surgery and a limited downtime!

How does Skin Regenesis™ work?

Skin Regenesis™ at The Clinic Holland Park involves a combination of two non-surgical aesthetic treatments: Sciton® laser therapy and Ameela®. Depending on individual goals, the laser therapy could be (in order of strength) a Moxi®, HALO®, or Erbium treatment. Sciton® lasers and Ameela® are both innovative products that stimulate the fresh production of healthy skin. This is next-generation skincare that both rejuvenates and prejuvenates. Ameela® has incredible hydrating qualities as well as stimulating fresh collagen production and has been shown to accelerate wound healing and reduce oxidative stress on skin tissue. Moreover, Skin Regenesis™ is safe for the majority of skin types and ethnicities (Fitzpatrick I-V).

Sciton® laser therapies – be it a Moxi®, HALO®, or Erbium laser treatment – are remarkably effective at skin-resurfacing, and can tackle lacklustre skin all over the face, neck, and chest area – all in one session. But the true results of Skin Regenesis™ will emerge within 2-3 months of treatment, when you will notice a natural-looking rejuvenescence in your skin that will look healthy and fabulous. This is because the Sciton® laser resurfacing powers are greatly complemented by the regenerative effects of Ameela®; and a huge recommendation for Skin Regenesis™ is its outstanding ability to tackle multiple signs of ageing: clinical trials combining Erbium laser therapy with Ameela® have shown an impressive, accelerated healing process, matched by greater improvements in skin rejuvenation. And then there is the brand safety assured with Sciton® lasers, which are FDA approved for skin rejuvenation, and can even be used in the delicate eye area.


Yes! Another USP about Sciton® lasers is that they can be used safely in the periorbital area. Dr Jenny Doyle is a highly trained oculoplastic surgeon as well as a key opinion leader (industry expert) for both Sciton® and Ameela®. And for eye treatments, Dr Doyle’s Skin Regenesis™ is a real game-changer.

Here’s why. On its own, Sciton®’s Erbium laser can provide significant improvements in the periorbital area; while Ameela® as a tear-trough treatment outperforms all other injectables on the market. Traditionally, injectables in the tear-trough area are notoriously risky – with the possibility of the undereye area looking puffed out or even misshapen – the dreaded ‘kidney-bean’ look. This does not happen with Ameela®: skin will be brightened, and wrinkles plumped, and all without the ‘frozen’ or overfilled look of other (traditional) injectables. Because Ameela® does not ‘set’ like a traditional dermal filler; Ameela® is a skin revitaliser (aka skin booster) that invigorates the production of fibroblast cells, which make collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin – the main components of healthy, bouncy skin. In the eye area, Ameela® can treat hollow eyes, discolouration, dark circles, crow’s feet, and significantly brighten and improve skin texture, which, coupled with the resurfacing abilities of Sciton® lasers, can vastly improve the appearance and texture of the skin, even around the delicate eye area.

Ameela® is similar to uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid skin boosters, in that super-charged skincare is being injected into the skin without any change of shape or movement to the face. But Ameela® also has regenerative, healing qualities that go far beyond all other skin boosters currently on the market.

Ameela® is both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and originated as a treatment in regenerative medicine and for inflammatory skin conditions (such as psoriasis and eczema). Ameela® tracks down and roots out free radicals in the skin, protecting skin tissue from further oxidative stress and defying the known ageing effects of free-radicals. In an aesthetic context, Ameela® – as a polynucleotide injectable – works to reawaken your skin to make it act younger, repair signs of ageing, and prevent further signs of ageing too. Moreover, the combination of Ameela® with Sciton® laser therapy significantly reduces the downtime commonly associated with pro-fractional laser treatments. The wound-healing benefits of Ameela® provide immediate bonuses in reducing the downtime associated with powerful laser therapy; while in the following months, the rejuvenating, aesthetic benefits of Ameela® will emerge and the results will be delightful.

In short: Skin Regenesis™ harnesses the incredible results of Sciton® lasers’ skin-resurfacing and renewal with the healing powers of Ameela® – a new-age polynucleotide that out-performs uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid skin boosters in the eye area; not to mention Ameela®’s suitability for treating smokers’ lines around the lips too. In fact, Ameela® is suitable for anywhere: all over the face, neck, and décolletage, as well as around the eyes and lips, for the treatment of lacklustre, crinkly skin, crepiness, lines and wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation – the very same concerns that can be treated with Sciton®’s advanced suite of lasers. So, for leading-edge rejuvenation of your skin, Skin Regenesis™, exclusive to The Clinic Holland Park, West London offers unbeatable aesthetic results.

Skin Regenesis™ is safe for most skin types and ethnicities (Fitzpatrick I-V). Ameela® is derived from salmon DNA, so it is not a suitable for anyone with a fish allergy.


Prices on application.

For further information, see: Sciton® Moxi®, Sciton HALO®, Sciton Erbium and Ameela®.

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