An industry innovator in cryosurgery and for pain relief, now available at The Clinic Holland Park, West London.

Introducing TargetCool, the epitome of precision and comfort, now at The Clinic Holland Park. This elite CO² skin-cooling device revolutionises the aesthetic experience, enhancing safety and optimising results for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Embrace the luxury of reduced discomfort and expedited treatment with TargetCool—where satisfaction is not just promised, it is delivered.

What is TargetCool?

TargetCool is a CO² skin-cooling medical device that utilises its proprietary cooling technology for unprecedented control, precision and comfort in aesthetic procedures. It has multiple applications in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics, optimising patient outcomes while simultaneously providing greater safety and comfort. Inevitably, reduced pain and anxiety result in satisfied patients and quicker procedural times.

TargetCool redefines cryotherapy

In general, cryotherapy is used in various fields such as local anaesthesia, inflammation reduction, muscle treatment, and recovery from fatigue. Cryotherapy works by delivering a thermal shock to the skin at cryogenic temperatures to promote circulation (such as blood flow and lymphatic drainage) by 4 times or more, thus aiding in the discharge and self-absorption of inflamed tissues. As an accepted medical procedure known for its promotion of circulation activity (lymphatic, blood flow), cryotherapy can be used beneficially in aesthetic procedures too.

Put simply, TargetCool is changing the way aesthetic practitioners can elevate patient comfort and maximise procedure efficiency, not only during dermatological and aesthetic treatments, but also for injectables – including anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, and biostimulators such as Ameela® (polynucleotides) and Profhilo®.

How does cryotherapy work?

When the body temperature is reduced very quickly, the body’s blood vessels expand to restore normal body temperature; thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the body, which promotes blood circulation and the removal of fatigue substances from the body. As a result, cryotherapy helps to relieve muscle fatigue, reduce inflammation, and aid in healing. In addition, through vasoconstriction, cryotherapy reduces or blocks the speed of pain-nerve transmission, thus reducing pain – similar to the effects of local anaesthesia.

Why is temperature control necessary when using a cryotherapy device?

Conventional cryotherapy devices cannot control temperature precisely enough, so there is much variation in the effectiveness of cryotherapy and in the successful results of each practitioner. In cryotherapy, it is necessary to control the cooling temperature as precisely as one would use a laser. In the wrong hands and with the wrong device, cryotherapy can cause side effects such as inflammation and necrosis if temperature and time control are not successfully controlled. With TargetCool, the temperature is kept precise and stable, thus ensuring consistently effective and safe results.

There are 3 types of TargetCool treatment

  1. TargetCool’s cooling nozzle (temperature control of -10°C~5°C) can be used to:
  • Reduce inflammation
    • Control levels of pain during injections, and
    • Assist in laser treatments for pigmentation
  1. TargetCool’s freezing nozzle (temperature of -79°C) can be used for:
  • Cryosurgery
    • Destroying tissue, and
    • The removal of skin lesions such as warts and skintags
  1. TargetCool’s boosting nozzle assists in:

• Boosting skin drugs to the dermal-epidermal junction
• Greater efficiency in the transdermal delivery of cosmeceuticals
• A range of non-invasive treatments, due to its anti-inflammatory effects

TargetCool and instant pain reduction

Many procedures involve a degree of pain or discomfort, so patients rely on their clinicians to ensure their safety, comfort, and the best aesthetic outcomes. TargetCool reduces patient discomfort during procedures through a targeted cooling of the skin, which has been proved to provide an analgesic effect for needle-based procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and lip fillers.

TargetCool and medical and aesthetic treatments

TargetCool is an effective treatment for several dermatological conditions and aesthetic procedures. The controlled temperature allows for the removal of dermatological lesions such as viral warts, seborrheic keratosis, pre-malignant lesions (including actinic keratosis), small benign growths, and skin cancers. TargetCool also helps in the reduction of both inflammatory acne and rosacea, by providing flushing relief from the inflammation and itchiness caused by inflammatory skin conditions. TargetCool is also suitable for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

TargetCool applications

TargetCool can be used in conjunction with a range of aesthetic procedures, such as:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections – providing anaesthesia with less bleeding or swelling
  • Dermal fillers – providing anaesthesia with less bleeding or swelling
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments on the scalp or face – providing anaesthesia with less bleeding or swelling
  • Scalp injections – providing anaesthesia and cooling for a calmer, more comfortable experience, followed by a significant increase in hair density and thickness
  • Laser and IPL treatments for skin pigmentation and skin resurfacing – providing anaesthesia and cooling for a calming effect with reduced swelling
  • Cryotherapy – increasing blood circulation
  • Ampoule injections – providing reduced inflammation in the delivery of injections into the dermis, without pain or downtime
  • Radiofrequency microneedling – providing anaesthesia during treatment, cooling after treatment, and greater effectiveness in the delivery of injected product during cooling treatment
  • Treatments for inflammatory hair-loss, and inflammatory skin lesions such as acne, itching, eczema and rosacea – providing significant calming of inflammation
  • After-treatment care – providing a reduction in oedema and scarring at surgical incision sites while also promoting healing


TargetCool’s precise use of CO2 gas (controlled by -10°C to 5°C) makes it possible to achieve desired effects safely, without the risk of frostbite. Other cryotherapy devices use liquid nitrogen, which evaporates over time and is too low in temperature (liquid nitrogen -195°C, nitrous oxide -89°C) so the treatment is painful. This is not the case with TargetCool. Whether used for cryotherapy or for skin cooling, TargetCool sets a high standard, prioritising patient wellbeing and satisfaction at all times.

  • Instant Pain Reduction: TargetCool enables precise skin cooling, delivering a proven analgesic benefit for needle-based procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), and lip fillers.
  • TargetCool offers efficacy in treating various dermatological conditions and aesthetic concerns. Its controlled temperature enables the removal of dermatological lesions like viral warts, seborrheic keratosis, pre-malignant lesions (such as actinic keratosis), benign growths, and even certain skin cancers.
  • TargetCool aids in reducing inflammatory acne and rosacea, providing flushing relief from inflammation and itchiness associated with inflammatory skin conditions. It is also suitable for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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Prices from £45 as an add-on analgesia

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