Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasound imaging (aka sonography) plays a versatile role in modern aesthetics at The Clinic Holland Park, West London – especially in reducing the risk of vascular occlusion during treatments with injectables such as dermal fillers; and in visualising previously placed filler when we are being consulted for corrective work.

Private Ultrasound scan West London

At The Clinic Holland Park, therefore, we use ultrasound as both a diagnostic tool for when we are offering clients a second opinion on misplacement of filler; and as an effective guiding tool in precision aesthetic treatments. Ultrasound diagnostics in West London is ideal for both operations because it is non-invasive, yet with real-time imaging capabilities – making it an invaluable guide for injectables, or for catheter placements. The real-time imaging ensures the precise placement of product, which minimises the risk of complications by providing direct visualisation of the target area while it is worked on.

And in instances of clients wanting a second opinion on an aesthetic procedure, ultrasound’s real-time imaging allows us to observe what is going on in your body and provide immediate feedback, and act as a guide for subsequent treatment decisions. Ultrasound’s real-time visualisation helps us identify abnormalities, such as cysts or inflammation, which may not be easily detectable through physical examination alone. In addition, ultrasound is far more cost effective than other imaging modalities (MRI and CT scans, for example).


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